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Dental Design Studio Inc. provides dentists with a large range of fixed and removable appliances and services including Implant fixed and Hybrid bar systems, CEREC® Connect, implant crowns, full and partial Ivocap injected dentures as well as designed and cast partial frameworks. Our fixed and removable departments design, create and produce all our restorations on site. You can choose us with confidence. 

We strive to provide the best in removable and fixed restorations. We design and produce all of our products on site in our dental laboratory. As we expand our technologies, in particular with our CAD/CAM restorations, some of our components are made outside our facility, but still in North America. We feel strongly that our products not be made overseas so that we can feel confident we are supporting American workers and providing you the highest quality and safest products possible.

Our Services





Our Crown and Bridge department has a large inventory of fixed products that can be tailored to your specific needs. We take pride in our model work, diagnostics, gold and porcelain applications. Our technicians are educated in the latest techniques and work closely with our vendors for each case.



Screw-retained hybrid dentures are an excellent replacement for removable prostheses worn by edentulous patients. The bar provides a maximum prosthetic stability and function by securely attaching to four or more dental implants through a titanium framework we custom design for each case.



Our Removable department technicians begin each case using state-of-the-art products and the most advanced technology. Their combined experience and artistic abilities enable them to create the most realistic and premium fitting appliance for your patient with excellent results.

We offer a monthly coupon!  Savings are taken off either a specific item or entire invoice. 

Discounts can not be used for repairs or relines.

"We have been working with Daniel at Dental Design Studio for 15+ years. During that time we have had zero re-makes. More importantly, as compared with our negative experience with other labs, I can't remember the last time we've had to perform an adjustment on any of Daniel's frameworks! Our working relationship with Daniel has taken the stress out of making removable partials. 

My only hope is that he doesn't retire before I do! Great job Daniel !"

- William Christensen, DDS Orem, UT

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