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Remova​ble Restorations

Our Removable department technicians begin each case using state-of-the-art products and the most advanced technology. Their combined experience and artistic abilities enable them to create the most realistic and premium fitting appliance for your patient with excellent results.

Partial Dent​ures

Cobalt chrome alloy partial dentures generally occupy less space in the mouth than acrylic dentures and offer exceptional strength and durability. All removable appliances are different and specific to each patient. We offer partials in NobilStar Cobalt base and High Noble gold. We also offer acetal clasps to further enhance the aesthetics. We also make complex hinged frames, full metal palate frames for dentures as well as cast clasps for stay plates. We specialize in custom designed frames to fit existing crowns or crowns that we fabricate at the same lab time. Daniel personally designs and consults with our crown team on these cases to ensure the perfect fabrication and fit.

Full Gold Partials are an excellent alternative to traditional chrome partials. All gold partials are strong, flexible as it can expand and contract with your patients mouth. Not only is gold a safe alternative it is the most used alloy in dentistry today! Gold is best for patients with metal allergies. Gold can expand and have a better fit. We only use only High Noble type IV gold. We take special care with these cases and only use the best alloys. 

TCS Flexible Partials, DurAcetal® and DuraFlex clasps

TCS Flexible Partial Dentures are made out of a biocompatible, pure thermoplastic material that is non-toxic and contains no BPA or unsightly metal clasps. With unique physical properties, flexibility, and color stability, the functionality TCS partials help preserve existing teeth. TCS Flexible Partial Dentures adjust and flex with the contours of your mouth as you chew, talk and smile.

We offer Acetal Resin (thermo) clasps on our cobalt or gold partials as well as stay plates. They are an excellent aesthetic alternative to a traditional clasp. We also use this thermo material to make unilateral partials. They are a perfect alternative to a traditional metal unilateral partial. Natural looking and we are able to match Vita tooth and gum shades. Stronger than acrylic clasps with excellent retention. Monomer Free, Bio-compatible, stain and bacteria resistant, and easy to clean. Perfect to create beautiful tooth or gum colored clasps on metal partials or stay plates.

Denture Removable Restorations

We offer different grades of dentures from Immediate, Surgical and Economy to Hybrid and Overdentures with implants. There are several steps that we schedule with the doctor to ensure the perfect fit and type of denture is made. We offer you step by step instructions on some of our denture products.

We use the SR Ivocap Injection System as we feel this produces the most accurate and best fitting methacrylate-based dentures. Not all injection denture systems are the same. The SR Ivocap Injection system provides consistent heat and pressure injection throughout the entire 5 step process. Pressure is then applied during polymerization. As the base material flows throughout the mold, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated. This then produces stronger, denser acrylic appliances, providing a superior fit and patient comfort. It also reduces the possibility of "open bites" during processing, thus saving the dentist and the patient chair side adjustment time.

We offer premium teeth from VITA, Ivoclar Vivadent and Portrait. For the best shade results, we follow the VITA 3D-MASTER shade guide for our removable and crown and bridge cases. This shade system color range is very accurate and provides the best shade matching in lightness, chroma and in hue.

Stayplates and Nightguards

Stayplates, or otherwise known as flippers, are a good temporary appliance until a permanent treatment is determined. We make simple one tooth flippers to complex multi teeth appliances with wire or acetal resin clasps. Since these are a temporary appliance, we use economy teeth. Our schedule for stayplates vary depending on the complexity. 

We offer different types of Nightguards / splints: Hard, Hard/Soft, Hard / Clear (Impak style) Deprogrammer and NTI splints. Our most popular splints are Hard and Comfort Hard/Soft splint.

HARD : This is a non-flexible appliance that offers protection from moderate bruxing. We can also insert clasps for maximum retention.

COMFORT HARD/SOFT : The outside is hard and the inside is soft. This is an ideal night guard for a patient that is allergic to most acrylics and metals. This is our most popular splint.  

Repair Schedule

Effective April 1, 2019 - We ask that ALL REPAIRS be pre-scheduled. All simple repairs and relines will be scheduled to take up to 2 business days. All Metal-Cast or Complex repairs up to 3 business days.  If a repair is called in, we will do our very best to accommodate your patients schedule, but the repair will be scheduled based on available time and our current schedule for the day and/or week. Some repairs can be done sooner so we will inform you when we can deliver sooner. 

We support our full service clients with repairs. We are not able to only do repairs for you if other cases are not made by us as well.

We offer two types of relines: Hard and Soft. Hard relines are generally done in one day and Soft Relines are a two day process (it includes an overnight curing process) . Laser welding is available for the most complex repairs. It is ideal for repairing cast partials, attachments, bridges and implant cases. Because each repair is different, we charge accordingly. 

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