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Covid 19 and Dental Design Studio, Inc

Dental Design Studio Inc has implemented additional precautionary methods designed to protect the health of our team, your patients and our communities. Our company changes include enforcement of social distancing between individual team members, mandatory masks for each employee, hand sanitizing, stringent surface cleaning in addition to our standard and strict disinfecting routines throughout our facility and on all incoming restorations. 

As an additional safety measure, we ask that you continue to disinfect all impressions and place them in bio-hazard bags (or zip lock bags) before sending them to our lab. We would also ask that all RX's are stapled on the outside of the bag so there is no cross contamination.

We have also implemented a new Custom Shade Protocol that will ensure the upmost care and protection for your patient and our team members. Patients coming in will have hand sanitizer provided, fill out a short questionnaire and have their temperature taken. If a patient has been exposed or has a temperature, we will not be able to proceed and will reschedule 5 days later.

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