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About Dental Design Studio, Inc

"I believe a sense of pride in one’s work holds greater value than producing multiples of mediocrity. This is what I continually strive to do."

The CEO and Founder, Daniel M. Carl​son CDT

I was fortunate to start my career in dental technology by being trained by great teachers. With my artistic abilities, I found my passion. Back in 1980 I started as a plaster technician for a small laboratory in San Mateo, California. My abilities to artistically understand and create partial designs led me on a path of success because my work was recognized as unique.

In 1988 I completed my certification in removable prosthetics. As a CDT, and with further education through the CDLA’s advanced courses, I was able to develop removable departments for several laboratories. In 1990 I opened my first laboratory. Specializing in partial dentures, Dental Design Studio Inc was started on 4th Street in Santa Rosa, California.

After a few years I became interested in the politics of our Dental Laboratory Association and became the President of the Redwood Dental Component of the CDLA and served for two years. During this time I taught classes specifically in partial denture and partial crown and bridge combination design. Teaching is very rewarding and I continue to learn and share my education today.

Dental Design Studio, Inc. today has grown with my interests and now with branching into CAD/CAM technology. The future of my passion is unlimited. It has always been very important to me to have a successful team and teaching individuals as I have learned.

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